A favorite and rare cut bead gemstone!  A beautiful mala with stones of ephemeral violet 4mm Iolite gemstones , microfaceted to catch light with crystalline  beauty.  Rare 4mm Rudrashkas and freshwater pearls enhance this artisan hand knotted mala.  Blue flash Labradorite  focal bead with handmade tassel. 108 beads this can be worn as a necklace and hangs 17 inches. may also be worn as wrapped bracelet.

Price includes shipping.  Price is $115.00

108 bead 6mm quality Magnesite MALA.  beautiful veins of creams and charcoal grey in the  creamy white color of these smooth stones.  Unique abstract Rust colored agate stone with an unusual white border and handmade tassel. Kokopelli Charm added.  Lucious smooth feel in the hand and hangs 20 inches as a necklace and can be wrapped as a bracelet on the wrist. Price includes shipping.  Price is $65.00


Beautiful Grounding Red Tiger eye . 4mm faceted gemstone with rare 4mm natural Rudraksha beads. Small vintage moon czech bead with Garnet nugget.  Green Girl copper butterfly charm. This mala hangs 30 inches as a necklace or may be wrapped several times on wrist for a mala bracelet.  Price is 135.00-free domestic shipping in the USA.


  traditional 108 bead or 216 bead necklaces may also be worn as a      bracelet. Made from quality gemstones and materials. Artisan made -useful in spiritual practices and are gorgeous worn as jewelry .

More malas coming

IOLITE 108 bead MALA

Turquoise Mala

Lovely 6mm faceted chinese turquoise mala with a chinese turquoise focal bead. Handknotted with C-Lon for longevity. Necklace hangs 22 inches. Natural real Rudraksha beads and hummingbird charm added.

​*note: most turquoise is mined in China and overseas. It is real and provides  much of the turquoise as mines in USA are  pretty much closed.  This is not the  dyed howlite or magnesite you find in craft stores. It is real turquoise stone.  Price is $110.00

***note on pricing- time, design and quality of materials goes into the pricing of the malas.  Note -the beads used are hunted down from places all over the  world for quality. My preference is to use natural stones and gemstones for quality , energy work, and heirloom.  Prices reflect my time  and efforts as well.  Thought and care goes into any artisan  product.  My prices also reflect what I can sell for direct from artist to consumer.  Prices in a retail store would be more using the quality stones and materials in these malas.

Moss agate with Onyx and Dendritic agate

​Chakra Mala

Rhodochrosite MALA

Spirit wear MALAS

Beautiful dainty smaller chakra mala. Perfect for a young person or  for spiritual work - it hangs around 13 inches (may  fit a young person as a necklace). Can be used on the yoga mat and travels in your purse easily. Gemstones used: Red tiger eye, Rhochrosite, Citrine, Russian Amazonite,Lapis,Amethsyt and Rainbow Moonstone . Tourmaline  nugget focal bead.  All beads are 4mm and the gemstones are faceted with  natural 4mm Rudraksha beads added to the design. Makes for a lovely gift . Price is $88.00

108 bed African turquoise mala. Handknotted with C-Lon for longevity.  Matte beads will polish as time goes  with use.  Large Abstract cut Arfican Turquoise as a focal bead with Lotus charm.  Price is $88.00 with free domestic shipping in the USA.


Noma Falta

216 4mm bead Chakra mala. 84 beautiful faceted natural Gemstones used to represent each chakra - ruby, sunstone, citrine,zoisite with ruby, turquoise,lapis and rainbow moonstone. Rare natural rudraksha  and Black lava beads used. Mala is hand knotted  with Indigo C-Lon for longevity. Natural tourmaline nugget for focal bead with hand made silky gold tassel.  This  lovely Mala has great energy and hangs 25 inches.  Price is $125.00

Moss agate Mala necklace has an elegant and unique look with the double point Dendrite AGATE Focal bead.  Natural 6mm Rudrashka beads and bone carved Elephant. Handknotted with  black C-lon cord for longevity . lovely gold plated round charm . This mala has  a great light feel and hangs 20 inches and best worn as a necklace.  Beads are quality  Faceted  6mm Gemstones of Onyx and Moss agate with small gold plated spacers.

Price is 135.00

Gorgeous  Rhodocrosite 4mm gemstones. Handknotted with C-Lon for longevity .  Rare 4mm rudrashka beads used..rhodochrosite focal bead and Bone Carved Buddha with handmade tassel.  Small gold-plated OM charm. This Mala feels smooth and slightly weighty in the hand. No doubt the stones are real!  Worn as a necklace, this feminine piece hangs 30 inches.  Can be wrapped around wrist several times and worn as a bracelet. One of a kind artisan made mala.  Price includes domestic Shipping in the USA. Price is $135.00


Magnesite MALA with agate

REd Coral and Jasper Mala. 108 6mm beads hand knotted with jasper, coral , and rudraksha beads.  Hangs 21 inches.  small copper charm added. Focal bead is Handcarved Tiger in Cinnabar in Rectangular shape.  price is 65.00 with free shipping in Domestic USA only