27 REAl brush watercolor by Kuretake 

​Love these quality watercolor brushes however, I have plenty and these are suited for someone with a softer touch in their art work or someone who works with card making.  They are gently used and you get what you see here for 10.00 plus 3.00 shipping.  Bargain for trying out a new media or adding to your collection.  hit the pay pal button! .Enjoy some art in these shut in times!


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Chameleon markers and distress crayons

 4 Chameleon blender markers (alcohol)  in beautiful blue tones and watercolor distress crayons....love these both but they are just not my thing (esp. alcohol markers I tried but never could  get the hang of the alcohol markers). the  chameleon markers were never used! The distress crayons are  just overload for me.They behave like gelato but these are in softer pastel colors...great for art journal enthusiasts, sketchers, and carmakers.  They are water based.  15.00  gets you both as pictured below  and includes shipping!  hit the button!


Noma Falta


30 distress markers with a few extra thrown in

​some gently used some used and some never used in this Big set! Give them a try for 13.00  you  cannot beat it as an addition to what you have or as a trial to check  them out.  From one art studio to another.  Click the pay pal button! shipping is included in the price.